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Eave Panel
KING PANEL® - Your world of PVC Building Materials

KING PANEL INTERNATIONAL TRADING LTD. is a leading and professional manufacturer of modern decorative high quality PVC Building Materials produced under strict European Standards.

We provide the ideal total package of decorative PVC home improvement solutions, offering a whole range of differentiated PVC products and accessories to meet specific customer needs.

Our main objective and policy is always working towards TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Producing high quality products and providing excellent service to meet the need of our clients worlwide is always our top priority.Continuous product research development is a continual basis aim at providing products which are more competitive, yet of better quality, long lasting, maintenance free, easy to use and install.

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With KING PANEL® PVC Products, construction professionals and architects are sure to find products that are all together highly efficient and allowing them to meet the demands of the majority of their customers. All of our products allow achieving high quality projects at a low cost.